Busy Busy

It has been a busy day guys. Productive as hell too! First I had to take my Organic Chemistry Final then I had to talk with a women who was interested in taking over my lease at my apartment. Got home and logged into everything and found progress on the editing and cover art.

So it’s probably a little backwards but I’ve commission someone for the cover for book two while I’m still hunting for a cover for book one. That being said, my cover for book two is being put together as I type! It’s so exciting!

As for book one I have some time right? In all honesty, I’m still looking and should have one created soon.

As for the editing, well I’ve narrowed down who I want editing the paper now I just need to wait for the beta readers to return my manuscript in a couple weeks.

Things are moving everyone, slowly but surely!

Now back to writing, I’ve been away to long 😉

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