I did it! Just completed my first full length novel! Currently sitting at over 75,000 words but this is subject to change if I make alterations after beta reader feedback. Not to mention editing will change the word count too. Still! Over 75,000 words in document I created by myself!

Its an amazing accomplishment and anyone looking to write, the best advice I can give. Stick with it. keep writing even if its only fifty words a day, at least its something. You can do it, it may take awhile and deadlines may get pushed back, but do what you need to do to get the novel where you need it to be.

I know I was supposed to have it completed sooner but so much has been going on for the past week. Bing stuck on the last five chapters for a little over a week was frustrating. I could see the finish line and I was unable to get there so it irritated me lol. But now its all done!

I just sent the last five chapters to the beta readers! Once I get the feedback from them, off to the editor it goes! I hope to have all the feedback from them by Saturday the 27th since they have had all but the last five for two weeks now. But we will see! Either way I am excited!

Whoop Whoop!!

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