Busy Busy Day!

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you’ve already heard about the giveaway I’m hosting on this website. (You can find it under the giveaway tab).

  • All Fantasy
  • Over 70 authors/books to choose from
  • All FREE
  • Short stories/novels/novella/previews


In other news, I officially sent out my ARCs today! Beyond excited but almost nervous, I sincerely hope the readers enjoy Fractured Past!

I must say trying to figure out how to convert the document to MOBI and EPUP was a challenge. (Took me nearly all day) Not to mention tying to get BookFunnel to format the files properly. For whatever reason (most likely due to all electronics despising me), the original files were formatted perfectly but when I added them to BookFunnel, the chapters got all wonky. Either way, it is what it is. Some chapters simply don’t start on a new page.


I can assure you that when/if you buy Fractured Past from Amazon, all will look as it should! So no worries there everyone!

Having said that, I hope you all had a fabulous Saturday!


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