What I’ve been doing:

I cannot apologize enough for the long wait. As an avid reader myself, waiting on the next book in a series is torture. I’ve likely lost a handful of readings as a result, which I am sorry for.

Having said that, I wouldn’t abandon my work without a good reason. My father passed in December suddenly. Now you might be thinking, ‘well why the hell has it taken you so long to get with it? It’s nearly a year and no new book?!’

I’m trying.

My dad was my biggest fan. My most loyal reader and supporter.

Picking up book three has been painful to say the least. For those who aren’t aware, Alanna represents me. Alanna’s family represents my own family. Having to write them in and kill them off was difficult when they were all alive in the real world. Now that my dad is gone and I’m having to express the emotions Alanna’s feeling when she thinks of her family has been brutal.

So I’m pushing through the pain and challenges. I’m reworking the first two books with new editing as well. I am promoting a lot more now and chipping away at my manuscript. It’s safe to say, I’m roughly half way through it. I’m just picking through this half and fine tuning it before moving on to the second half. I might even send the first half to the editor while I finish up the second half so I have some teasers for you all.

Again, I’m so sorry for my sudden disappearance and unpublished book three. I’m getting it done as soon as can in between work and caring for my family.

Cheers x

D.E. Chapman


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