Out Of Reach

Sorry everyone, I know I didn’t post yesterday on any of my social media accounts or website. I have been unbelievably busy the past two days. And truthfully, I won’t be back until Monday or Tuesday. A lot is happening, I’m graduating this weekend, moving out, and finishing the rest of my transcript to send off on Friday.

When I log back in, I will have some FANTASTIC news to share with you all regarding my novel so please check back in with me then!

Thanks everyone!

Busy Busy

It has been a busy day guys. Productive as hell too! First I had to take my Organic Chemistry Final then I had to talk with a women who was interested in taking over my lease at my apartment. Got home and logged into everything and found progress on the editing and cover art.

So it’s probably a little backwards but I’ve commission someone for the cover for book two while I’m still hunting for a cover for book one. That being said, my cover for book two is being put together as I type! It’s so exciting!

As for book one I have some time right? In all honesty, I’m still looking and should have one created soon.

As for the editing, well I’ve narrowed down who I want editing the paper now I just need to wait for the beta readers to return my manuscript in a couple weeks.

Things are moving everyone, slowly but surely!

Now back to writing, I’ve been away to long 😉


Reworked the blurb last night. I must say, sounds so much better that the one before. But hey, it’s a learning process so I can say it will probably change again. I’m getting my cover ready as well so hopefully sometime soon I’ll get a blurb and cover reveal! Yay! Things are moving along, so exciting!

Teaser ;)

(Not yet edited and may not appear in final copy.)

“Almost as if it’s egging me on, a burning expands inside my chest. I will it to grow. I feed it my hate. I feed it my anger. I feed it all the pain I have endured. It’s so warm inside. It warms my dead heart and brings it back to life. I relish in the rage. I urge it forward and coax it closer to the surface. I feel a cruel and malicious smile etch its way across my face. I think I laugh but I can’t be certain. I no longer hear the outside world. All my ears hear is the roar of the fire building in my body. It seems to take control of me. I welcome it. Again, I urge it closer and closer. Let it consume me. Let it burn everything down in its rage.”

PO Box

So I discovered you need a physical address in order to register for the newsletter website I’m after. Only problem being, currently not in town to order me a nice PO Box. Sorry guys, that’s the hang-up with the newsletter and teasers. I hope to have it up soon!