Books: DE Chapman

Fractured Past – A Talnarin Novel Series Book One

“A reader would be hard pressed NOT to become mentally and emotionally involved with the book.” –Amazon Reviewer

Alanna isn’t sure what she is anymore. She’s gone from being an innocent and curious village girl to … something else entirely.

After the experiments that destroyed everything she knew, she’s cursed with a power she can’t control. While on the run from the horrors haunting her past, she quickly realizes her own kind has turned against her. Now, Alanna must seek out the very species that ruined her life; the talnarins. These creatures are capable of doing things no human can do, but she’s desperate for their help.

As Alanna tries to navigate this new life, it soon becomes clear that her very existence is a threat. Now she needs to prove her innocence or she stands to lose her entire life’s purpose … revenge.

In this frightening new world, will Alanna survive long enough to destroy the nightmares from her past? Or will she find herself a step too far behind?

**Recommended for 16+ due to profanity, dark themes, and violence. This is not a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.

“Chapman chooses not to follow the standard point-blank style of presenting background information or character history; instead opting for a reveal-as-you-go style. While at first taken aback by this slightly uncommon presentation of information I was not turned off by it. In fact, it proved to be a nice change.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I loved this series and could not put it down.” –Amazon Reviewer

“The literature was strong, and it was clear that the author had done her research. There weren’t any loopholes or odd encounters questioning the plot. The side stories and character building was strong enough to add content and richness to the plot.” — Amazon Reviewer

“I have to admire the authors creativity, this isn’t a story I think you could write easily given the heavy element of fantasy. But she pulled it off beautifully. There was never a part in the story that was unreadable or unrealistic for the genre or lazy. ” –Amazon Reviewer

Spilt Secrets – A Talnarin Novel Series Book Two

“Loved the characters and its a new twist in my favorite genre. D.E. Chapman is the newest author on my list of favorite writers.” –Amazon Reviewer

Alanna’s past is finally revealed, though she swore she could never expose the truth. Now that it’s out, she vows to keep her head down and to stay out of trouble.

Alanna finds herself back at the talnarin fortress, Craforian, under constant guard. She must bide her time and control her power until she has another chance to rectify the torments of her past. It’s then that Alanna discovers that she can wield more than one affinity. Though this revelation should be celebrated, it becomes clear it’s an anomaly that sets her even further apart from the rest. Now she’s more determined than ever to keep her distance from the other trainees.

Just as Alanna begins to settle into a precarious routine, she gets another chance to fix her mistakes.

Will Alanna finally be able to put her past to rest? Or will this trial prove to be to challenging for even her?

**Recommended for 16+ due to profanity, dark themes, and violence. This is not a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.

“This book was absolutely amazing. It kept you hooked until the very end leaving it hard to start another book after you finished and made you want to re read it just to enjoy it a second time” –Amazon Reviewer

“Once again Chapman delivers. This second book keeps you on the edge of your seat with an increase in adventure and of course a nice dose of mystery.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I loved this book! It’s better than the first and I can’t wait for the next!! This new world is really growing on me.” –Amazon Reviewer

” I am in complete awe with this book! This has completely captivated me and I can’t wait to read more!!!! I NEED to find out what happens!” –Amazon Reviewer


Broken Pieces – A Talnarin Novel Series Book Three

Follow Alanna in this third installment of A Talnarin Novel as she continues her hunt for the rogues.

Alanna may have survived her encounter with her past, but it left a mark on her soul, one she doesn’t think will ever get clean.

While her relationship with the talnarins at Craforian has improved, Alanna knows that secrets are still being kept. Unbeknownst to them all, Alanna’s already discovered a couple using a few tricks of her own. And to complicate matters, Alanna is beginning to feel things for Malik; emotions she doesn’t understand.

When Malik brings her through a secret underground maze, Alanna realizes that there is more to Craforian than meets the eye. Only a select few know of the tunnels twisting beneath Craforian and why they’re there. Now she’s one of them, and for good reason.

And just when Alanna settles back into a routine, a nefarious plot unravels as an assassin makes himself known.

Can she save the people she loves in time? Or is she once again three steps behind?

**Recommended for 18+ due to profanity, dark themes, sexual tones, and violence. This is not a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.