Adventure Awaits!

Not all fairy-tales are filled with joy and and happy endings, but thankfully, DE Chapman’s stories are. Explore a fantasy world filled with mystical and wonderous adventures brimming with all manner of creatures.

Those looking to toe the line of the dark and depraved should look no further beyond Ivy Chapman’s books of mayhem. It’s up to you to decide which ending you prefer, but remember, there’s always a bit of both in their stories, just waiting for you to unravel their secrets.

A fantasy novel addict, D.E. Chapman reads them as much as she writes them, often pretending to be her characters. After all, life is infinitely more exciting with magic and dragons. She hopes to one day write a book so fantastical that it creates a portal to another world.

Ivy Chapman has always been irresistibly drawn to the damned. Recently, she discovered a not so secret passion for the dark and depraved reads. Ivy has entirely too much fun delving deep into the twisted and corrupt. Though she does occasionally surface long enough to publish her next unhappily ever after.

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