Re-release Coming Soon!

Get ready for a new makeover for my Talnarin Novel Series! All new covers coming your way sooner than you realize. And to top it off, Creature of the Light is in the works, the sequel to Creature of the Dark! As for the long wait and my radio silence on social media, I’ve had to help support my family as my mom went in and out of the hospital for two weeks. Its been a stressful few weeks and I couldn’t be happier that she’s finally home, though she could end up back if we aren’t careful. Anywho’s, things always seem to pop up and slow me from my writing, but its life. What can you do (shrug)? Enjoy it as best as you can and hope that tomorrow is a better day.

And so my friends, I bid you farewell until next time!

With love,

DE &Ivy

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